EBA Open Seminar Schedule (2013~2017,March)

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EBA Open Seminar is an open forum where EBA partner universities, on a rotation basis, host seminars on various topics addressing emerging issues in Asia. Faculty members and students of all disciplines are welcome come to attend the monthly event. For further information about the past open seminars as well as coming ones, check the […]

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33rd Open Seminar: Minamata Fieldwork Reports by Students

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At the 33rd Open Seminar, the students participating in Minamata Fieldwork (Japan, August 2017)  will present their fieldwork outcomes from different locations across Asia via online system network. Date: October 4th , 2017 (Wednesday) Time: 17:30 〜 18:30 JST(UTC+9) Live Streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1uPr6Yit5I PROPOSED AGENDA 17:30~   Opening Remarks by Prof.Jun Murai, Greetings from participating sites, Intro: […]

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32nd Open Seminar: Report

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At the 32nd Open Seminar, Professor Keisuke Uehara (Keio University) introduced  EBA Minamata Fieldwork (July 29-August 7th, 2017) and addressed questions from participants in all sites. The session was also live-streamed through Youtbe.   Participating in the Seminar were Keio (Japan): Hiyoshi (S01 at Collaboration Complex, 3rd floor- 協生館3S01教室) SFC (o16) USCY (Yangon, Myanmar) UB […]

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31st Open Seminar: Report

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At the 31st Open Seminar, students participating in Thailand Fieldwork,  Malaysia Fieldwork, Myanmar Fieldwork, Sanriku Fieldwork, Indonesia Fieldwork, Vietnam Fieldwork presented their fieldwork outputs via three-minute-video footages and their thoughts about what they have learned during the fieldworks. Especially, the seminar was also live-streamed through youtube, therefore attracting a larger audience both inside and outside […]

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30th Open Seminar: Report

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30th Open Seminar offered the orientation for  Malaysia Fieldwork and Thailand for the year 2017. Malaysia Fieldwork focuses on the topic “Promoting Malaysia Local Biodiversity for Eco-tourism” (scheduled from February 19-28, 2017) and Thailand fieldwork focuses on the topic  “Big Data Fieldwork on Disaster Management” (scheduled from February 14-23, 2017). Participating sites in this session […]

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32nd Open Seminar: Introduction to Minamata Fieldwork

The 32nd Open Seminar (hosted by Keio university) is the introduction session for EBA Minamata Fieldwork (July 29-August 7th, 2017). EBA Fieldworks are excellent opportunities for students, both undergraduates and graduate students to be exposed to actual experiences of observing various issues at the local. Youtube live : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAQKn3pDpmI Matelials https://www.dropbox.com/s/kb6xwq5u1b0ecmt/20170607%20Minamata.pdf?dl=0 Date: June 7th , […]

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EBA Minamata Fieldwork 2017

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Minamata Fieldwork 2017 We are now calling for participants in EBA Minamata Fieldwork program for the year 2017 (July 29th ~ August 7th).  During the one-week trip, the students will be given a special opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience while observing and examining the local issues at the site of Minamata, to join minds and […]

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  EBA Internship Program aims at matching top performing students with cutting-edge companies for JOB OPPORTUNITY. NOW!!! EBA is calling for participation to EBA Internship Program with Daikin, the Global No.1 Air-Conditioning System Manufacturer*. *2016 world-wide sales revenue, Fuji Keizai research 1. INTERNSHIP PROCESS VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP ONSITE INTERNSHIP A practical learning opportunity that students complete […]

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Malaysia Fieldwork 2017: Biodiversity for Eco-tourism

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Malaysia Fieldwork 2017—Promoting Malaysia Local Biodiversity for Eco-tourism— We are now calling for participants in Malaysia Fieldwork scheduled in February 19-28, 2017. This program is open for the EBA Consortium member universities. For Keio students: Currently, we are accepting application from Keio students. Application procedures are written below. For ASEAN students: EBA local contacts (http://www.eba-consortium.asia/?page_id=1331) […]

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Myanmar Fieldwork 2017: Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Bagan

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We EBA are now calling for participants in Bagan Fieldwork (Myanmar) 2017. Bagan is an ancient city in Mandalay Region of Myanmar. Bagan is well-known for the presence of thousands of temples and pagodas that were built during the height of Bagan Kingdom between 11th and 13th centuries. Over the course of time, under different […]

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