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EBA Consortium is now calling for participants in EBA online Language Course 2014- Elementary Japanese Conversation in the Office.

Course Description: The course is exclusively designed for students from EBA partner universities who are planning to come to Japan to join EBA internship programs in Japan or who desire to work in Japan in the future. Foreign students from Keio University (KMD and SFC ) are also eligible to attend the course. The purpose of the course is to provide students with Japanese preliminary level including useful expressions for office conversations . Students are expected to be able to communicate comfortably with local Japanese by using these expressions towards the end of the course.

Time: 2014, November 25~ 2015, January 27. From 18:15 ~ 19:45 JST (UTC + 9) every Tuesday and Friday (Except December 23th, 26th, 30th and January 2nd).

Instructor: Kuniko Matsumoto (EBA Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)

Number of classes: 14

Capacity: 30 students. Each partner university can nominate about 4 students.  (If the number of students who wish to attend the course from each university exceeds 4, the instructor will select the candidates based on their entry sheets).

Course Participation Conditions: Students must be from one of the EBA partner universities and his/her Japanese level is at beginner level and must have command of Hiragana and Katakana before taking the class.

Course Completion Conditions: students are required to attend at least 10 out of 14 classes.
Note that if you cannot attend the class, please visit “EBA Elementary Japanese Conversation in the Office (2014 Fall)” on Edmodo (at https://edmo.do/j/j6dayk) before the next lesson in order to obtain necessary materials distributed from the last lesson.

Course Content





25 November 2014 Introductions (1)-Become able to introduce yourself to others inside the company in simple terms (name, nationality, where you work).-Learn Japanese honorifics


28 November 2014 Introductions (2)- Become able to introduce yourself to others outside the company in simple terms- Learn how to exchange business cards-Become able to acquainted with your colleague through simple communication.


5 December 2014 Greetings-Become able to greet others properly depending on the situation (arriving at work, leaving work, returning to work after an absence).


9 December 2014 Receiving a visitor-Become able to receive a visitor in an appropriate manner.


12 December 2014 Permission (1)-Become able to ask for permission to use/borrow/see things.-Become able to give permission/refuse permission.


16 December 2014 Permission (2)-Become able to ask for permission to take time off work.-Become able to ask for permission to leave early.


19 December 2014 Requests (1)-Become able to ask someone to do something (to check this document, to help me with this job, etc.).


6 January 2015 Requests (2)-Become able to make a request to your superior/colleagues.


9 January 2015 Inviting (1)-Become able to invite someone for an event.-Become able to accept/decline someone’s invitation.


13 January 2015 Inviting (2)-Become able to offer someone things (drink, event, etc.)


16 January 2015 Appointments (1)-Become able to ask for an appointment.-Become able to set up the meeting day and the time.


20 January 2015 Appointments (2)-Become able to confirm the date and time and to decide where to meet.-Become able to confirm the arrangement.


23 January 2015 Appointments (3)-Become able to ask to change the meeting day/time/place.


27 January 2015 Review (Role-play in designated situation)

How to Register

Please contact us via email at eba-ra[at]ml.keio.jp with the completed entry_sheet.

Registration deadline

2014 November 14th (Friday)


For further information about this,  email us at info[at]eba-consortium.asia or contact your local EBA representative (see list here).

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