EBA LANGUAGE COURSE 2015: Elementary Japanese Conversation

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EBA Consortium is now calling for participants in EBA online Language Course 2015- Elementary Japanese Conversation.
*As Elementary Japanese Conversation 2015 Fall course has been oversubscribed by more than 20 applications, we have closed registration this morning (updated 5 Nov 2015).

Course Summary:
This course is open mainly for international students who plan to come to Japan for doing an internship or for working in the company in the near future.
The purpose of the course is to provide students with Japanese basic expressions in several situations in the office. Students are expected to be able to conduct basic conversation with Japanese colleagues by using these expressions towards the end of the course.

12 November 2015 – 21 January 2016.  From 18:15 ~ 19:45 JST (UTC + 9) every Monday and Thursday.

Kuniko Matsumoto (EBA Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)

Credit: 1

Students should have a basic knowledge of the Japanese writing system, including Hiragana and Katakana (Kanji is not necessary).

Students Screening:
A number of students in the class is scheduled about 15.
Pre-registration screening will be done by submitted entry sheet.

How to register:
Registration has been closed.

Students must be from one of the EBA partner universities and his/her command of Japanese is at introductory or beginner level.

Special equipment of software to prepare:
Polycom, PC when students need to join the class via V-Cube.

Course Syllabus: !! RESCHEDULED !!

#Lesson 1 (16 November): Orientation/Introductions (1)
-Introducing yourself to others by using basic phrases

#Lesson 2 (26 November): Introductions (2)
-Asking someone to repeat something (name, occupation etc.)

#Lesson 3 (30 November): Small talk
-Conversation and small talk after greetings

#Lesson 4 (3 December): Invitations (1)
-Inviting someone to an event
-Useful expressions for inviting someone to an event

#Lesson 5  (7 December): Invitations (2)
-Inviting superior to an event

#Lesson 6 (10 December): Refusals
-Declining an invitation
-Useful expressions for declining someone’s invitation

#Lesson 7 (14 December): Asking the meaning of something
-Asking someone the meaning of a certain word you don’t understand
-Useful expressions to ask someone the meaning of something

#Lesson 8 (17 December): Expressing wishes (1)
-Telling your preferences to someone gently

#Lesson 9 (21 December): Expressing wishes (2)
-Expressing nuance with particles

#Lesson 10 (7 January): Exercises
-Using expressions you have learnt in several situations

#Lesson 11 (14 January): Learning respect language
-Learning types of respect language

#Lesson 12 (18 January): Making requests
-Making a request of your superior

#Lesson 13 (21 January): Refusing requests
-Refusing a request of your superior

#Lesson 14 (25 January): Apologizing
-Apologizing for something you have done gracefully


  • Materials: Handout distributed by lecturer before each lesson.
  • Assignments, Examination and Grade Evaluation: Pass (P) or Fail (F)
    • You must attend at least 10 out of 14 lessons.
    • You must submit the assignment by the designated deadlines. Late submission may affect your evaluation.

For further information about this,  email us at info[at]eba-consortium.asia or contact your local EBA representative (see list here).

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