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We are now calling for participants in EBA Minamata Fieldwork program for the year 2015. The fieldwork, scheduled from  is followed by the success of the Minamata Fieldwork 2013 and 2014 . During the one-week trip, the students were given a special opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience while observing and examining the local issues at the site of Minamata, to join minds and hands in groups and to articulate on the issues by making use of the collected data and observations at the field.

  1. About the program

Minamata Fieldwork Program 2015 includes a workshop and fieldwork related activities. Participants will learn basic methods and “Evidence Based Approach” at the workshop, before the fieldwork starts. After the workshop, participants will visit Minamata city to learn the overview of issues from specialists, visiting the factory and work place for the victims and other related facilities in order to collecting evidences throughout intensive observations and interactions with local residents. Based on the evidences, participants will have a group work discussion. Each group should include both Japanese and ASEAN students. Participants will receive a credit from the EBA Consortium on the completion of the program.

  1. What is Minamata

Minamata city is located in Kyushu island, southern part of Japan. The city is known for Minamata disease which is caused by mercury pollution from a chemical factory in 1950’s. It is the first disease caused by food chain due to environmental pollution.

  1. Language ERequirement

All Lectures will be provided in both English and Japanese. No Japanese skill is required but you may be required to take a Japanese course for Entry level provided by EBA. Participants should be at least able to carry conversations in English.

  1. Target and Capacity

This program is for both undergraduate and graduate students. The expected number of recruited students is 24 including 12 from ASEAN countries and 12 from Japan

  1. Tentative Program (subject to changes)
July 31th Arrive in Tokyo, Japan
August 1st
EBA Pre workshop and Japanese Class at Keio Hiyoshi campus
August 2nd
EBA Pre workshop and Japanese Class at Keio Hiyoshi campus
August 3rd
Move to Minamata, Visit National Institute for Minamata Disease
August 4th
Visit village museums, Hot House, JNC, Eco town
August 5th Visit Minamata Disease ArchivesFree Fieldwork and Prepare for presentations
August 6th Presentation at Minamata city hall, Leave for Tokyo
August 7th EBA Post workshop at Keio Hiyoshi campus
August 8th EBA Post workshop at Keio Hiyoshi campus
August 9th Leave Japan


6. How to apply

For Keio students: Announcement is being released soon. Stay tuned!

For ASEAN students, EBA local contacts (http://www.eba-consortium.asia/?page_id=1331) will have a separate announcement and selection process.

7. Costs and Support

The EBA consortium will bear the cost of International airfare, domestic transportation within Japan and accommodation during the stay in Japan . Please note that travel insurance and food expenses are not included. (This is applied only to students from ASEAN partner universities).


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