23th Open Seminar: Upcoming EBA Fieldworks

At the 23th Open Seminar (hosted by Keio university), details about upcoming EBA fieldworks, both in Japan and in ASEAN countries, will be introduced. EBA Fieldworks are excellent opportunities for students, both undergraduates and graduate students, who are interested in issues of environmental issues and public health issues among others, to be exposed to actual experiences of how these issues are presented in local context .

Date: May 11th , 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 17:30 〜 19:00 JST (UTC+9)

How to participate

Please consult locations at the closest campus:

Keio (Japan):
Hiyoshi (F01 at Collaboration Complex, 3rd floor- 協生館3F01教室)
SFC (O11)
ITB (Bandung, Indonesia)
USM (Penang, Malaysia)
UM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
UP (Manila, Philippines)
HUST (Hanoi, Vietnam)
CU (Bangkok, Thailand)




All open seminar attendee who intent to receive a certificate from the EBA committee, must submit the ATTENDANCE REPORT by the end of this month (May, 2016). Please submit from the following URL;



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