31st Open Seminar: Report

At the 31st Open Seminar, students participating in Thailand Fieldwork,  Malaysia Fieldwork, Myanmar Fieldwork, Sanriku Fieldwork, Indonesia Fieldwork, Vietnam Fieldwork presented their fieldwork outputs via three-minute-video footages and their thoughts about what they have learned during the fieldworks. Especially, the seminar was also live-streamed through youtube, therefore attracting a larger audience both inside and outside Japan.

Participating in the Seminar were:

– Keio (Japan)

– USCY (Yangon, Myanmar)
– UB (Malang, Indonesia)
– ITB (Gedung Comlabs ITB Lantai 1)
– USM (Penang, Malaysia)
– UM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
– UP (Manila, Philippines)
– HUST (Hanoi, Vietnam)
– CU (Bangkok, Thailand)