History of City and Living Environment

September 26 – December 19, 2013


Dr. Naoto Nakajima, Associate Professor
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University


Course Summary

The objective of this lecture is to acquire the broad knowledge about the historical change of built environment around architecture. Main interest is how traditional built environments in Japanese, Asian, European and Islamic cities have changed through modernization and post modernization.

We will discuss about colonial cities in America and Asia too from the view of early globalization. At last, possibilities and problematic of cities and architecture as cultural heritages will be shown, on the basis of students’ surveys on historical changes of built environment of actual cites.
In this lecture, we will develop our discussion about historical change of urban environment using a “traditional city”-“modernizing city”-“modern-city” framework. First, we will get a broad perspective for
understanding the theoretical framework seeing domestic cases of historical change of urban environment. Secondary, we will discuss the historical change of urban environment through some case studies of specific cities worldwide. Finally, we will consider steps for preservation, conservation and contextual design on the basis of our knowledge we will get by discussions for historical change of urban spaces.


Lecture Schedule

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   1 Sep 26, 2013 (Thu) Introduction
Summary, schedule and grad evaluation traditional city, modernizing city, modern City Diachronic analysis and synchronic analysis
   2 Oct 3, 2013 (Thu) (Viewpoint of Japan) Traditional city
– What is traditional city?
– Some aspects of traditional city
– Beginnings of modernizing city
  ◯  3 Oct 10, 2013 (Thu) (Viewpoint of Japan) Modernizing city
– Continuance and discontinuance
– Bones and tissues (figure and ground)
– Horizontal form and vertical form
  4 Oct 17, 2013 (Thu) (Viewpoint of Japan) Modern city
Urbanization, suburbanization, globalization
Student’s discussion and presentation
  ◯ 5 Oct 24, 2013 (Thu) Case study I: American cities: New Haven
  ◯ 6 Oct 31, 2013 (Thu) Case study II: Middle-east cities: Fess and Aloppo
  ◯ 7 Nov 7, 2013 (Thu) Case study III : Chinese cities: Hangzhou (杭州)
   8 Nov 14, 2013 (Thu) Case study IV : European cities : Urbino
9 Nov 28, 2013 (Thu)14:45-16:15 JST Field study I: Methodology and preparatory work
– Viewpoints of field work
– Preparatory work before field work
  ◯  10 Nov 30, 2013 (Sat) Field study II: Transformation of modern office district: Marunouchi
   11 Nov 30, 2013 (Sat) Field study III: Modernization of traditional 12 commercial neighborhood, Transformation of modern office district: Kagurazaka
  ◯ 12 Dec 5, 2013 (Thu) Discussion I: Tradition and Locality
  ◯ 13 Dec 12, 2013 (Thu) Discussion II: Transformation and Time
   14 Dec 19, 2013 (Thu)14:45-16:15 JST Discussion III: Context and Management