Management of Emerging Business

September 25, 2013 – January 8, 2014


Professor Jiro Kokuryo,
Vice President of Keio University
Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

Mr. Masaki Umejima
Project Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University


Course Summary

This course aims at providing students with basic understanding of technological entrepreneurship, knowledge of business modeling and essential skills to be a startup.

Firstly, this course emphasizes on technological entrepreneurship, which considers the conversion of technology to commercialization. Secondly, many guest speakers with rich entrepreneurial experiences will be invited to share successful experiences. Last year, Mr. Chihito Kusabiraki, CEO, Weather News Inc, and Mr. Eric Gan, Representative Director, President, eAccess, were invited to this class. Thirdly, action learning opportunities such that you write up a business plan are prepared for students.

In this course, final assignment is to submitting your business plan. Apart from doing this work, this business plan assignment can also be used as submission for the SOI Asia Business Plan Contest, hosted by SOI Asia, Asian wide university alliance. On a voluntary basis, you will be given opportunities to present your business plan directly to the venture capitalist and industry.

Goals of this course are: 1) Foster entrepreneurial mindset, 2) Understand necessary factors for business planning, and 3) Learn know-how to be successful startup.


Lecture Schedule

 You can join to the live sessions
◯ Learn by the archived video


   1 Sep 25, 2013 (Wed) Overview and Introduction
   2 Oct 2, 2013 (Wed) Learning about how to protect your idea and technology
Guest Speaker: Mr.Masanobu Katoh, Country Head (Japan), Intellectual Ventures.
  ◯  3 Oct 9, 2013 (Wed) Learning about how to create new business, base on university researchers 1
Guest Speaker: Prof.Sureswaran Ramadass,
University Saint Malaysia, and founder of Mlab
  4 Oct 16, 2013 (Wed) Learning about the supportive environment for university startup
Guest speaker, Mr. Veravej Ornthanalai (Guy), Entrepreneur in Thailand, former Business Developer at Intellectual Property Institute of Chulalongkorn University
  ◯ 5 Oct 23, 2013 (Wed) Learning about business model development
   6 Oct 30, 2013 (Wed)
11:10-12:25 JST
Learning how to build up strong vision as a startup
Guest Speaker: Mr. Kusabiraki, President, WEATHERNEWS INC.
   7 Nov 6, 2013 (Wed)
11:10-12:25 JST
Learning how to develop infrastructure business by a small company
Guest Speaker, Mr. Eric Gan, Representative Director, President, eAccess Ltd.
   SP Nov 6, 2013 (Wed)
16:30-18:00 JST
Workshop for Contest participants
– Briefing about the Business Plan Contest 2013
– Briefing of Business Plan Template*
– Sharing of experience in business plan Contest by Winner of SOI Asia Business Plan Contest 2012
– Sharing of writing attractive business plan by Mr Takumi Shimizu, External Consultant
  ◯  8 Nov 13, 2013 (Wed) Business Plan exchange -1-
  ◯  9 Nov 27, 2013 (Wed) Learning how to be attractive to Venture Capital
Guest speaker: Mr. Paul Ford, Director, Transaction Services, KPMG FAS Co. Ltd.
   10 Dec 4, 2013 (Wed) Learning about decision making process at a startup through case study
   11 Dec 11, 2013 (Wed) Learning how to create new business by a big company
   12 Dec 18, 2013 (Wed) Business Plan contest final round
   13 Dec 25, 2013 (Wed) Learning about how to get new business grown
   14 Jan 8, 2014 (Wed) Warp-up of the course
Guest Speaker: Prof. Dechanuchit Katanyutaveetip, Chulalongkorn University