24th Open Seminar: Report

The 24th Open Seminar (hosted by Keio university) is the orientation session for participants in Minamata Fieldwork (July 29-August 7th) and Malaysia Fieldwork (August 25~ September 3rd). Also, participants in the last Philippines Fieldwork did their report presentation showing the experiences as well as data collected from the field.

Participating in the session are

Keio (Japan):
Hiyoshi (F01 at Collaboration Complex, 3rd floor- 協生館3F01教室)
SFC (O11)
USCY (Yangon, Myanmar)
USM (Penang, Malaysia)
UM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
UP (Manila, Philippines)
CU (Bangkok, Thailand)

and students via V-cube and Skype.

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