26th Open Seminar: Fieldwork Report Presentations

26th Open Seminar is the event where students participating in Minamata, Tsuruoka, Fujiyoshida Fieldwork (Japan), Vietnam Fieldwork, and Malaysia Fieldwork will present their fieldwork outputs via three-minute-video footages and/or poster/slide presentations.

Date: September 14th , 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 17:00 〜 19:30 JST(UTC+9)


17:00~17:10 Opening Remarks by Prof. Jun Murai, Greetings from participating sites

17:10~17:30 Presentations by Minamata fieldwork participants (total 3 groups—A, B, C)

  • Brief introduction
  • Video presentation from group A
  • Video presentation from group CPoster presentation from group A  (

    Nguyen Thanh Long (HUST))

  • Poster presentation from group B  (Lora Faith Bernal Batino (UP))

17:30~17:55 Presentations by Tsuruoka fieldwork participants (total 4 groups—1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Brief introduction:
  • video presentation from group 1, 2, 3, 4

17:55~18:20 Presentations by Vietnam fieldwork participants (total 4 groups)

  • Brief introduction: Moe Yoshimura
  • Video presentation (group 1&4)
  • Video presentation (group 2&3)
  • Poster presentation (group 1&4): Shiori Nishimura
  • Poster presentation (group 2&3): Erika Nukui&Tatsuhiro Hayashi
  • Poster presentation (crowd funding): Minami Sato

18:20~18:50 Presentations by Malaysia (USM) fieldwork participants (total 5 groups—1.Education, 2.Local knowledge and heritage preservation, 3.Entrepreneurship, 4.Sustainable environment, 5.ICT connectivity)

  • Brief introduction
  • Video presentation from Local knowledge and heritage preservation group
  • Video presentation from Sustainable environment group
  • Video presentation from ICT connectivity group
  • Poster presentation from Education group (Muhammad Azam Haris (USM))
  • Poster presentation from Entrepreneurship group (Nik Mohamad Lokman bin Nik Rosni (USM))

18:50~19:10 Presentations by Fujiyoshida fieldwork participants (total 3 groups—Vegetation Group 1, 2, and Animal Group)

  • Brief introduction
  • Video presentation from Vegetation Group 1
  • Slide presentation from Vegetation Group 2 : Naoya Ohara (Keio, Hiyoshi)
  • Poster presentation from Animal Group : Samantha Ramos Ko (UP)

19:10~19:30 Closing session by Prof. Keiko Okawa, Prof. Shinnosuke Obi

  • QA session for each presentation, online feedback (text based) will be available throughout the session so that everyone can put their opinions/questions anytime during the session.
    Feel free to join here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/eba26thopenseminar/

How to participate

Please consult locations at the closest campus:

– Keio (Japan):

  • Mita(North Building , 3F, Large conference room -北館 3F 大会議室)
  • Hiyoshi (Global Studio, B1F Dokuritsukan/4th Bld. Independence Wing:第4校舎独立館 地下1Fグローバルスタジオ)
  • SFC (τ11)

– USCY (Yangon, Myanmar)
– UB (Malang, Indonesia)
– ITB (Gedung TVST ITB Lantai 2, Bandung, Indonesia)
– USM (Penang, Malaysia)
– UM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
– UP (Manila, Philippines)
– HUST (Hanoi, Vietnam)
– CU (Bangkok, Thailand)

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