The EBA Consortium will be reborn as EBA Project from April 2022.

Filed in News by on March 1, 2022

Unfortunately, the EBA Consortium was finished in March 2017, when the support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) was ended.

However, for the past years or so, we have been holding discussions with member universities, companies, students, faculty members, and supporters that jointly operated EBA Consortium in order to restart the project.

Having long discussions with such members, our mission is to design a resilient society in the Asia Pacific region by pursuing research and education initiatives. In order to reach an agreement on this, EBA decided to collaborate with the SOI Asia project, which is an educational collaboration consortium with more than 30 Higher Education Institutions started in 2001.

Being ‘reborn’ to the EBA Project will be able to provide a more hands-on, student-centered learning program under the SOI Asia.

See you at the new EBA! : EBA Project:

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