31st Open Seminar is the event where students participating in Thailand FW, Malaysia FW, Myanmar FW, Sanriku FW, Indonesia FW, Vietnam FW will present their fieldwork outputs via three-minute-video footages and their thoughts about what they have learned during the fieldworks.

Date: March 30th , 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 15:00 〜 17:30 JST(UTC+9)


15:00~15:15 Opening Remarks by Prof. Jun Murai, Greetings from participating sites

15:15~15:30  Presentations by Thailand fieldwork participants & Q.A

15:30~15:50 Presentations by Malaysia fieldwork participants & Q.A

15:50~16:10 Presentations by Myanmar fieldwork participants & Q.A

16:10~16:30 Presentations by Sanriku fieldwork participants & Q.A

16:30~16:55 Presentations by Indonesia fieldwork participants & Q.A

16:55- 17:10 Presentations by Vietnam fieldwork participants & Q.A

17:10~17:30 Closing session by Partners, Prof. Keiko Okawa, and Prof. Shinnosuke Obi

QA session for each presentation, online feedback (text based) will be available throughout the session so that everyone can put their opinions/questions anytime during the session.

How to participate

Please consult locations at the closest campus:

- Keio (Japan):

  • Mita 2B42, (South School Building, 南館地下4F)
  • Hiyoshi: C3S01
  • SFC: o16

- USCY (Yangon, Myanmar)
- UB (Malang, Indonesia)
- ITB (Gedung TVST ITB Lantai 2, Bandung, Indonesia)
- USM (Penang, Malaysia)
- UM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
- UP (Manila, Philippines)
- HUST (Hanoi, Vietnam)
- CU (Bangkok, Thailand)

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